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Stair Step Pop-ups


Stair-step Pop-ups

Stair-step pop-up cards are easy with the Universal Pop-up template.

Material Required:

  • Kreate-a-pop-up™ Universal template
  • Cutting knife
  • Two plain bi-folded cards
  • Embellishments of your choice to use.
  • Glue
The goal of the instructions listed below is to arrive at the pattern shown in the photos at left using the Universal pop-up template and its markings. The cuts can be easily seen but the scored lines have been marked with blue dashes for instructional purposes.

1.  Line up the Center Line of the  Kreate-a-pop-up™ Universal Template to the crease in your card as shown in the photos. The fold has been highlighted with a blue dashed line. Position the template so the right edge of the "Notch Box" is 1" from the edge of the card as indicated by the yellow arrows in the right photo. (The yellow circle is indicating the 1" marking on the template.) FYI: All the markings on the "Center Line" of the template are relative to the edges of the Notch Box on both sides.
2. Using a cutting knife, cut the card using the edge of the Notch Box as a guide. Start the cut 1" above the Center Line (as shown in the photo) and continue until you arrive at   1" below the Center Line. FYI: the markings on the Notch Box are all relative to the distance from the Center Line.
3. Slide the Universal Template to the left until the 3/4" line (highlighted with the yellow arrow) lines up with the cut made in the previous step (highlighted with the green arrow). Make sure to keep the Center Line of the template aligned with the fold in the card. The Orange arrow is showing the right edge of the Notch Box.
4. Repeat the cutting procedure from step 2, making a 1" cut above and a 1" cut below the Center Line along the right edge of the Notch Box.
5. Reposition the Universal Template until it comes to the ends of the two cuts. The cuts are shown by the yellow arrows and the green arrow is indicating the top edge of the Universal Template.
6. Score a line connecting the two cut lines. Repeat this step on the other end of the cut lines.
7. Push out the first stair-step as shown in the photos. (If you followed the directions exactly, this step starts 1" from the right edge of the card, is 3/4" wide, and is 1" above the fold and extends 1" below the fold.)
8. In our example, we will position the second stair-step 1" from the first one. Slide the Universal Template to the left until the 1" marking (yellow circle) is lined up with the last cut line. The right edge of the Notch Box is 1" from the cut line as indicated by the yellow arrows.
9. Position the cutting knife on the 1 1/2" marking above the Center Line, as shown in the photo, and cut along the right edge of the Notch Box until you arrive at the 1 1/2" marking below the Center Line.
10. Slide the Universal Template until the 1 3/4" marking is lined up with the cut from step 9 (indicated by the yellow arrows). Be sure to keep the Center Line on the center fold of the card.
11. Repeat the cutting procedure by starting your cut 1 1/2" above the Center Line and ending at 1 1/2" below the Center Line.

12. Align your template as shown in the first photo. Score the card as shown in the second photo and push out the second step as shown in the last photo. (If you followed the steps for the second stair-step exactly, it should be 1" from the first step, 1 3/4" wide and 1 1/2" above and 1 1/2" below the Center Line.)

13. In these two photos you can see that we added two steps to the step on the left. Basically, anywhere there is a crease you can follow the above directions to add a stair-step. Theoretically, you can make quite a large stair case if you had a big enough card.
14. This photo shows what the pattern in the example looks like when it is flat.  The blue dashes indicate the scored lines.
15. After you finish making the steps, it is a good idea to apply a backing.  The card used for the backing should be slightly longer than the one with the steps (1/8" should be sufficient).

16. Add embellishments!

Kreate-a-pop-up™ templates are fun and easy to use!