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Tips & Techniques: Lining Envelopes

In this example you'll see how easy it is to line an envelope using the Kreate-a-lope® Envelope Maker. Although we've chosen a simple combination of colors to show you the technique, we would encourage you to try any combination that suits your fancy.

Materials Required:

  • Kreate-a-lope® envelope template.
  • Paper for the envelope
  • Paper for the lining
  • Glue stick
1. Select a paper to use for the outside of the envelope. Follow the Kreate-a-lope® instructions for sizing the paper making it the same size and shape as the Sizing Template as shown.

2. Select a paper for the liner. Place the Sizing Template on the paper and slide the template past the edge 1/8" to 3/8" as shown.
3. Leaving the template extended over the top edge of the liner, tear the remaining paper against the bottom edge of the template. This will cause the liner to be smaller than the outside piece.
4. Apply glue to the underside of the foil and attach it to the underside of the outside paper that you sized in step 1. It isn't necessary to apply glue to the entire foil piece - the edges are the most important and an "X" is usually enough for the middle area. Pay particular attention to the top back flap (shown in photo) when aligning the foil. This is the part that will be visible. (The top back flap is the corner opposite the notched side - see the instructions that come with the templates for further clarification.)
5. From this point, follow the Kreate-a-lope® Instructions for completing the envelope - place the Sizing Template on the underside of the paper, insert Center Piece Template, remove Sizing Template.
6. Fold around Center Piece Template as per instructions.  Be sure to pull the paper snugly against the edge of the template and to crease along the entire length of the fold as shown, including the portion that goes beyond the template.
7. Apply glue to the bottom flap as shown. Note: if you haven't applied enough glue to edges of the underside of the foil (step 4) the paper will separate from the foil when you attach it to the side flaps.

8. The end result...

Kreate-a-lope® envelope templates are fun and easy!