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Monogram Lunch Bag

Free Gift Bag Making Idea - Monogram Lunch Bag 

Monogram Lunch Bag 
Designed by Alice Golden


Supplies Needed:


Kreate-a-bag® Deluxe Gift Bag Making Kit with Toppers
(specific templates used: Wine Bag template & Topper template – included in the above kit)

Patterned Papers:
Loops, Simple Stripe, Multi Stripe, Tiny Type – Garden/Collection V, KI Memories

“b” – Lollipop Shoppe Monograms, BasicGrey
Flutter Accents Epoxy – Flutter Collection by MOD, Autumn Leaves
Flower tile – Garden Ice Tiles, Ice Candy by KI Memories

Valentine Woven Ribbon – Making Memories

Assorted daisies from the Floral Dept. of your local craft store

Orchid Opulence, Stampin’ Up
Flamingo – Ancient Page/Clearsnap

Freezer Paper, Reynolds
Foam tape
Super Glue
X-acto knife


  1. The first thing you will want to do is to make your own large sheet of paper by ironing 3 full sheets of Loops paper to freezer wrap. Set your iron on a high setting and use a firm surface to iron on. The goal is to make a sheet which is larger than the template, so it’s OK to let some of the scrapbook paper hang off the edge of the freezer paper. Add 6” strips of Simple Stripe paper to the bottom edge of the Loops paper, adding additional adhesive if necessary to ensure the seams lay flat.
  2. When you have your large sheet of custom paper, follow the directions that come with the Wine bag template to make a “lunch bag” using the face template to determine which part of the paper will become the front of the bag – in this way you can ensure that the seams where you pieced the papers together will be on the sides or at the back of the bag. When you place the largest template on the paper, the opening closest to the wide edge will become the front of the bag. Position the template so that approximately 2” of the Simple Stripe paper will be visible at the bottom of the bag once it is folded.
  3. After you have folded the edges of the bag, but before you have adhered the sides together, is the time to add any embellishments such as eyelets, brads, etc. For this bag you should cut a piece of Multi Stripes paper to fit the bag front and mat with a piece of Tiny Type paper as shown. Cover the monogram die-cut with Tiny Type paper and use an X-acto to trim around the edges. Attach to the bag front with foam tape and adhere the flower tile to the top of the letter. Continue forming the bag according to the instructions provided with the templates.
  4. Use the bag topper template to make a bag topper out of Simple Stripes paper. Instead of cutting the long slit for the handles, cut a small slit and attach a length of ribbon to the center of each side of the bag. Note that you will have to untie the ribbon in order to remove the topper from the bag.
  5. Re move the flowers fro m their ste ms and use the two inks to dye the flower petals pink. You can sprits with water to lighten the color until it coordinates with the paper. Once the petals are dry, attach an epoxy char m to the center and adhere to the front edge of the bag topper with super glue.


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