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Holiday Gift Bag 2

Free Gift Bag Making Idea - Ho Ho Ho Christmas Gift Bag 

Ho Ho Ho Landscape Bag “Box”
Designed by Alice Golden


Supplies Needed:


Kreate-a-bag® Deluxe Gift Bag Making Kit with Toppers

(specific templates used: Bigger Bag template & Topper template – included in the above kit)

Patterned Papers:
Gu m Drops Elf, Argyle Sweater Elf - Collage Press
(It’s fun to use reversible paper – even the inside is decorated!)

Stocking Stuffer – Paper Bliss, Westrim Crafts
Holly Jolly Christmas – Doodlebug Design, Inc.

Green and white stitched – May Arts

Sewing machine

  1. First form a large sheet of paper by zigzag stitching three sheets of Gum Drops Elf paper together. Don’t be concerned that the paper isn’t tall enough - since we are creating a Landscape bag, as long as you begin by lining up the bottom edge of the template with the bottom edge of the paper, you will have enough paper. Also, by creating a sheet that is larger than necessary, you will have more flexibility about where to place the seams. Note that the area next to the widest side of the template will become the front of the bag. Place template in desired location, then trim and fold paper following instructions that come with the bag kit, following the modifications listed under the Bigger bag to create the Landscape bag. Note – by omitting the step of adding handles, this “bag” is easily turned into a paper box.
  2. Add stickers to the outside of the box, placing one dimensional sticker on each side, if desired. Note that I added a little piece of ribbon to the top of the stocking to create a loop so the stocking looks like it is hanging from the top of the box.
  3. Create topper out of coordinating red paper but do not add the slits along the sides since there aren’t any handles.
  4. Add “HoHoHo” sticker to top edge and punch holes along either side. Thread with ribbon as shown, knotting each end.


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