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Making Fabric Bags


Fabric Bags

This no-sew project is great for making bags for gifts and even home decor. Got some leftover fabric? - perfect for this application.

These four bags were made with remnant fabric.

Materials Required:

  • Kreate-a-bag® Gift Bag Maker / Bagamites™
  • Fabric
  • Fabric stabilizer
  • Fabric glue
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or chalk
  • Embellishments of your choice
1. Position Sizing Template on fabric. Use the Face Template to determine image placement. (Whatever is under the Face Template when it is against the inside edges of the Sizing Template, as shown in photos, will end up on the front and back of the bag.)
2. Mark the fabric around the Sizing Template with pencil or chalk. Cut material to size.  Note: only one side of the fabric remains visible when making the bag. It is the cut near the "Wide Side" (see markings on template). The other three get tucked away. Usually a clean cut is not noticeable when you make the bag, but if you want an extremely neat edge, allow for a hem.
3. Mark the fabric stabilizer around the Sizing Template and cut to size.
4. Place shiny, adhesive side of stabilizer in contact with the underside of the fabric and iron the two materials together.
5. Align the Sizing Template to the material, carefully noting your original alignment in order to maintain the placement of the images. Flip both the the material and template over.
6.  Remove the template from underneath the fabric and reposition it on the material without changing its alignment.  Note: always work with the "Bottom Cuff" closest to you. When you flip the template keep the bottom cuff closest to you. Only the orientation of the "Wide Side" and "Underflap" portions of the template will change sides. In other words, if you started with the Wide Side on your left, it should now be on your right. This will insure that your alignment will stay as planned.
7. Fold the material over, pulling it snugly against the Sizing Template. For now, just crease the folds by hand. Note: the best sequence for folding - first the top (with reference to you), then the bottom, then, keeping the top & bottom folded, fold over the sides. This is orients the folds in the "correct direction" for making the bottom of the bag.
8. After you have folded all four sides. REMOVE the Sizing Template before ironing your folds. Be careful not to redefine your folds as you iron them.
9. If you followed the folding sequence correctly this is what it should look like. You can see that the wide side and underflap were folded last.
10. The material is now your template. Place the Face Template into the crease as far as it will go to either side.

11. Fold the material over and crease it. Make sure that it is snugly pulled against the Face Template.

12. Slide the Face Template to the other side and into the crease as far as possible.
13. Fold the material over. Make sure that it is snugly pulled against the Face Template.
14. REMOVE the Face Template before ironing your folds.  Once again, be sure not to redefine the folds as you iron them.
15. Apply fabric glue to the "Top Cuff" (see Kreate-a-bag® directions) and fold over.
16. Fold the "Underflap" over (see Kreate-a-bag® directions) and apply fabric glue to edge of material.
17. Connect the two ends of the material as shown.
18. Insert the forming box as shown in preparation of folding the bottom.
19. Fold the bottom as shown. (This is where the folding sequence in step 7 makes a difference.) Note: the forming box was designed to help you hold the bag as you fold it.  It is not supposed to be a tight fit. The best way to make the bottom is to follow the fold lines. If you pull the material tightly against the forming box you will get a double crease.
20. Apply fabric glue to the bottom. The handles and the rest of the embellishments are up to you!
The Kreate-a-bag® Gift Bag Maker and Bagamites™ are fun and easy to use!